Welcome to PolarIce

11/02/2010 by

PolarIce consists of four men, although muppets might be a more apt description, who have set themselves the challenge of completing the world’s longest Antarctic crossing unsupported.  We will be travelling from the Russian base camp at Novolazarevskaya up the glaciers onto the ice cap (about 1,500m climb), then getting the kites out of our 240kg pulks (sleds), and kite skiing from there to the Pole of Inaccessibility (centre of the Antarctic continent), then on to the South Pole, before finally turning towards Patriot Hills, and heading out over West Antarctica till we hit the Bellinghausen Sea, about 3,100 miles from our start point.

The winds should be with us most of the way (roughly speaking), and it will be daylight 24 hours a day so hopefully the conditions will help us achieve our aim.  The earliest we can get onto the continent is the start of November, and if we don’t make it to our pick up point in West Antarctica by the end of January, we’re going to have a long, cold winter, so we’ll need to push pretty hard to succeed! Wish us luck!