The Adventure begins


When people asked us over the last few months what we were doing, we generally said something along the lines of “well, we’re off to Greenland for April, but it’s only a small training exercise for the main event”.  Now that we’ve landed in Tasilaq, Greenland, and have begun properly sorting out our kit, and preparing to isolate ourselves from humanity for a month, we’re starting to understand their incredulity a little more.  Things are starting to feel real, and it’s bloody great.
Yesterday, we flew by Iceland Express to Reykjavik, and spent the afternoon chilling out in the Blue Lagoon geothermal pools.  Hardly the most adventurous start to a hardcore expedition.
But today we flew first to Kulusuk in Greenland by propeller aircraft, together with a selection of other expeditions and a couple of locals, and then on from there to Tasilaq by Bell Huey helicopter.  Tasilaq reminds us very much of Resolute in northern Canada when we were there back in 2006.  Multi-colourful wood-clad houses, sprinkled across a landscape of snow and rock around a frozen bay.  The difference here is the massive rocky peaks that fill every skyline.  We’ve spent the afternoon putting lines on and checking our Ozone kites, putting up and modifying the tent, testing our Brenig outer layer kit, and getting our solar charging and comms equipment working.  Tomorrow we pick up our Snowsled pulks and food from the post office, pack our kit, and sort out our final admin.  Wednesday we fly up to the Hann Glacier. By Wednesday night, we’re on our own.
The adventure has started.

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