Final hours before we leave for Greenland…


I’ve got about 4 hours before we need to drive down to Gatwick for the first leg of our flights to Greenland, first stop Reykjavik. We all have a ridiculous amount of equipment for the trip, so the excess luggage allowance charges are going to hurt, hopefully we will get a nice person at check-in who doesn’t charge us through the nose.

After a great deal of hard work over the last week, thankfully everything is now in place. The kites have all arrived safely from Ozone and the Brenig smocks and salopettes have been hand-delivered by Graham. They are incredible and individually made to fit each of us – cheers Graham! They even have the controls for an iPod sewn into the sleeve so that we don’t have to keep messing around in our pockets to change music. When we’re out on the ice, this will be more than just a gimmick – it will be incredibly useful.

Cotswolds has sorted all the tents, ski poles and other bits of random equipment out for us. Paddy has now jammed all this into his bags, so all that remains is for me to go via a DIY shop to get a plug socket to connect to the solar panels, so that we can charge the satellite phone and other essential equipment.

In our absence my girlfriend Ruth is going to update the blog a few times so keep your eyes open for info on our Greenland training over the next 4 weeks.

Wish us luck!



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